My name is Dhairya and I’m a computer Science undergraduate from India. I’ve been selected as an Outreachy intern as a part of the May 2021 cohort. I’ll be working with Fedora for the next 3 months and blogging about my experience here. Read on!

Latest from the Blog

Everyone Struggles

Hello! This blog is part of the series of blogs I am writing as an Outreachy intern of the Summer 2021 cohort. After a month long contribution period, I’ve received the chance to work with Fedora for 3 months. This week I’ll be writing about the struggles I’ve faced till now. It’ll soon be threeContinue reading “Everyone Struggles”

Introducing Myself

Hello, world! 😀 I’m Dhairya. I’m an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science at IIIT Delhi. If we met in person you would be greeted by a lanky, short-haired girl exuding a ton of nervous energy. In my spare time I enjoy reading books, painting (frequently photoshopping myself into those paintings), and letting my imaginationContinue reading “Introducing Myself”

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