Modifying Expectations

Hello! This blog is part of the series of blogs I am writing as an Outreachy intern of the Summer 2021 cohort. After a month long contribution period, I’ve received the chance to work with Fedora for 3 months. This blog was supposed to be written around the seventh week of my internship, but due to some unavoidable circumstances, I could not deliver. I feel this circumstance particularly sets the tone for the topic of this blog- modifying expectations. Here I’ll be talking about coping when things go wrong.

Delays to projects are a normal part of working. I had heard this many times, but with my limited work experience I was not prepared for them all that well. Sometimes we need to learn a new skill, sometimes this can take longer than expected, there can be delays in coordination, getting responses, honestly so many small factors can go wrong that one can never know how to take all of it into consideration. Hence, things can slip a bit behind schedule even when you’re giving it your best.

It was shared with us that project timelines can sometimes be optimistic and modifying them is normal and realistic.

My internship involved working on Fedora’s community outreach revamp. Though, some things have been exactly according to the timeline, in some cases the order of tasks had to be changed according to priority and my skills. My mentor had to give extra time for tutorials because I was having difficulty with some concepts. A number of things.

One of the things I worked on was an infographic on ‘How to join Fedora’. Though work has been active on this since the contribution period and I just had to tie all the work together and make some final edits, it took until now to finish up. There are a lot of things along the way that may seem mundane and small to someone who’s unaware, but can actually be gargantuan tasks. Fedora has users and contributors all over the world, and the infographic had to be translated. I gained a lot of respect for translation teams and people who take out their precious time to review.

When we’re working on various small projects, they may not make leaps every weak individually which can dishearten us, but combined together, it was probably a lot of work.

My internship has been a great experience so far and I try to not let feelings of being behind and not being quick enough bog me down as I know I’m working hard. Let me know about a time when you had to modify a work goal and how you dealt with it! 🙂

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