My Career Goals

Hello! This blog is part of the series of blogs I am writing as an Outreachy intern of the Summer 2021 cohort. After a month long contribution period, I’ve received the chance to work with Fedora for 3 months. This is the ninth week of my internship and this week’s theme is career goals. I’ll be sharing my aims and aspirations here.

As a child, I’d stuffed my brain with five to seven books a week each week. It was no surprise that I ended up with a strong creative spark and a brain that runs in every direction. With some pressure from my family, I ended up pursuing Computer Science only to fall in love with it. This was also the time when I discovered my interest in design. I enjoy problem solving, and both the design and programming approach appeal to me and suit me well. The ideal job for me would involve an intersection of both of these fields, but I enjoy both individually as well.

I recently got comfortable with using Inkscape, and I’m also experienced with Photoshop. I’m still a beginner and I’d appreciate any opportunity. In terms of coding, I’m proficient with Java, and I’m also fairly comfortable with C/C++ and Python. With my experience I can pick up any language in a matter of a few days. I can use the MERN, MEAN, and LAMP stacks. In my next college semester, I will be learning machine learning, which is something I’m excited about.

Most importantly, I’m a quick learner and I’m looking forward to grow. I manage time well and work efficiently. I’m an empathetic individual, which makes me good at managing teams and coordinating work.

I’m a native Hindi speaker and fully proficient in English. I also have intermediate knowledge of French and I can comfortably pick it up. Being an Indian woman, I’m not very well represented in either of these industries and I can bring a variety of new experiences and insights to the table.

I’m open to part-time work for both design and development related jobs post September this year. After three months of working remotely for Outreachy, I think I’ll be quite adept at it, so I’m comfortable with working remotely. It’ll be great if you could share opportunities where you think I would be a good fit. Feel free to reach out if there’s anything you think I could help you out with. Let’s help each other grow! 😀

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