Hey there! I’m Dhairya.

I’m an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science at IIIT Delhi. If we met in person you would be greeted by a lanky, short-haired girl exuding a ton of nervous energy. In my spare time I enjoy reading books, painting (frequently photoshopping myself into those paintings), and letting my imagination run wild.

Getting selected as an Outreachy intern is probably the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. I enjoyed working so much that I didn’t even feel like I was working during the contribution period. Looking back, it’s wonderful how far my journey has taken me so soon. I used to hear a lot of conversations about open source and programs like Outreachy and GSoC in college, but I always thought I lacked knowledge and skills and found all of it rather intimidating. After the contribution period, I’ve come to love a lot of things I was scared of.

I’ve found the Fedora community to be a genuinely welcoming and friendly place. Needless to say, I’m glad I applied and I’m really happy to be here!

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